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…the Nook!  For our pilot ereader program at my elementary school, we will most likely purchase Nook Simple Touch readers, however, there are lots of Internet rumors that B & N is coming out with a new line of Nook Color and/or tablets.  With any luck, they’ll discount the Simple Touch readers, so I’m waiting to buy until pricing stabilizes.  I possible, I would like to start with 12 ereaders, or 6 if there isn’t enough money in the parent organization donation to cover all 12 plus accessories.

And speaking of accessories, I’m definitely buying cover/cases, screen protectors, and a couple surge protector strips to help with keeping them clean and in working order.  I haven’t finished reviewing and evaluating Nook cases, but right now this one is the one I’m leaning towards.  My one critique is that it is top-loading, and I don’t see anything in the photos to suggest there’s something to keep the Nook from sliding out the top.  So the jury is still out.

I’ll post more on my plans for implementing and managing the Nooks once I actually get the order placed.  If any other elementary school librarians are doing a Nook/Kindle/ereader program, please feel free to comment or contact me!  I’d love some company and advice!  🙂

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