Ebook Placeholders for Library Shelves

ebook placeholderLast time I posted about a really fantastic idea of using shelf markers to hold the place and advertise ebooks on ereaders available for checkout.  Just in time for the PSLA Annual Conference, I finished the front of the placeholder labels.  By next year, I want to have all of them finished (one set of Nooks down, one to go!) and have QR codes on the back with the genre sticker.  Something to do in my very little spare time….

Generally, I’m very happy with how they turned out.

Nook setup

Also, here’s a bonus picture of my Nook charging set-up.  Only 3 Nooks are charging; the rest are checked out right now.  This system is how my assistant and I stay sane!  The charging cords plug into 3 power strips that plug into another power strip that goes into the outlet.  Perhaps not the safest route, but effective and we haven’t thrown a breaker yet.  😀

Something I’m hoping to have up soon…a total shopping list for the products I’ve used in developing the Nook program here at Spring Ridge Elementary.

Until then, if you are a PA school librarian, I hope to see you in Hershey!

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