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Mrs. J in the Library

Collette J., or Mrs. J in the Library, is a full-time elementary teacher-librarian, blogger, and mama from Pennsylvania. She loves technology, books in any format, makerspaces, and all things Harry Potter. The information and opinions represented here are my own and are not the views and opinions of any business or organization.

2 Responses

  1. Gail Shinn says:

    Collette, how many Nooks did you add to your library?

    • Collette J. says:

      Hi Gail! Thanks for reading! I currently have 13. 10 are circulating to students, which includes one set of 6 nooks (the blue set) and another set of 4 nooks (the green set). Each color-coded set has different books, and all the Nooks in a set are registered to a single e-mail address to manage them.
      The other 3 (the red set) are from a grant offered through the Wilson Education Foundation, which is a partner organization for our district. These 3 are for literature circles or book clubs where several students are reading the same book and discussing it. I’m hoping to complete this “set” to make 6, and maybe get another set started to provide easier access to newer, higher interest books for lit circles.

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