New LibGuide for Nook Resources!

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I <3 LibGuides!  I’ve come to realize that keeping the documents up-to-date on this blog is getting unwieldy, messy, and disorganized.  I hate that!  So I’ve updated and moved all the important documents and information from the “Documents for Librarians” page to my Nooks LibGuide located HERE or

I’ll do my best to keep this LibGuide up-to-date with the current files, materials, and resources I’m using in our Nook Ereader lending program.  My goal is to make it as simple as possible for another elementary librarian / media specialist to duplicate our program without much fuss.

I’m still going to post on this blog about my reflections, frustrations, and successes with the program, so the only thing that’s really changing is the format of the resources I want to offer.

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