Just press “0” for Nook Simple Touch Customer Support and 1.2 software issues

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This is how I feel today. —>

I called Nook Support today, and they hung up on me.  When you call the 1-800-THE-BOOK number, the automated menus take you through the proper channels to get you to Nook device support, and I finally got to the place where Nook Simple Touch device support for “other issues” (i.e. not related to registering, purchasing ebooks, or updating the device).

The mechanical woman’s voice kindly told me that, “This number is no longer working,” or something to that effect, and hung up on me.  I tried again with the same result.

I’m hoping this is just a minor malfunction, but I think it still shows once again that BN.com isn’t trying too hard to “support” their prized Nook device line.  I finally just went to the Nook device support menu and pressed “0” to talk to a real person.  Sheesh!

The malfunctioning Nook had been stuck for 2 weeks on the “Your NOOK is starting up…” screen after it tried to update to the most current 1.2 version of the Nook software.  While the rest of the library Nooks updated seamlessly (with a new feature to “automatically add friends from Facebook” that librarians may want to disable), this one remained stuck despite the “hard reset” trick I learned in January and being fully charged.

A half hour conversation with support later, I have a customer service request number to take to the store and get a replacement.  I’m telling you, those 2-year extended warranties are WORTH EVERY PENNY on days like this!

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