TL Blogging Challenge #1 – Use Dropbox to “Flip” Your Library


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Challenge #1 – Share a Tech Tip

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This year, I started using prerecorded how-to videos about finding books in the library as part of my instruction and to help students review.  Instead of streaming them through YouTube/TeacherTube, however, I store them on the Nexus tablets using the Dropbox app to sync them up.  When I’m teaching, I play the video through the Dropbox web account.  When using the tablets, students can watch the video and walk around the library to see the part of the library that I’m talking about on the screen.

So far, I’ve created a “How to Find a Nonfiction Book” video with the very basics of Dewey numbers for 3rd grade, and a “How to Find an Everybody or Fiction Book” tutorial I’ve used in 2nd grade.  I’d like to add a “library orientation” video for new students who move into our district in the middle of the year….when I get the time, of course!

Admittedly, this technique requires some amount of bandwidth and a decent wireless network to sync and play the videos.  My advice on that is to bribe your tech department with chocolate!  Also, I thought it was a good idea to set up a dedicated “library” account with Dropbox.

Still, once the videos are synced on the tablet, they are always up to date, and always available for students to review.  The added benefits are that I don’t have to repeat the same speech OVER and OVER (saving my voice) and I can be sure each class gets the same information.  They may not be available for home use as in traditional “flipped” instruction, but that’s not my purpose.  Elementary teacher-librarians, who are most often stuck on a fixed schedule, can still benefit from trying this technique to save time and energy.

The blogging challenge is from Cybrarian Jen at Where Books and Technology Meet.  I’m going to try it out, but instead of daily posts, I’m going to try for 1-2 posts a week.  Follow and learn with us!  The participating blogs are listed in the comments of her post.

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    This is an incredible idea!! Thanks so much for sharing it!