TL Blogging Challenge #7 – The Bells of Mrs. J

TL Blogging Challenge #7 – Share a Library Management Tip

I’m blessed to have a separate room for an office, and it’s nice to sometimes zone out and work for an extended period time.  Of course in this case, “extended” really means “any length of time over 30 minutes or my planning period.”  I still want the library to appear open,though, even when I’m not sitting at the circulation desk.

Here’s my solution:


Even the little ones who can’t read the entire sign just can’t help but tap the bell.  It’s like a siren call for their hands.  😀  So whether I’m in my office typing emails or weeding books on the floor and hidden from view, I can both focus on what I’m doing and help my students when needed.

So how do other elementary librarians make it work?  Do all the other library management tasks get done after hours, or do you have a trick to share about how to squeeze them in between classes?  Feel free to share in the comments!

P.S. – If you get a the title reference, you get a virtual chocolate chip cookie with ice cream!  🙂

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Mrs. J in the Library

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