TL Blogging Challenge #17 – Library Supplies

TL Blogging Challenge #17 – What types of supplies and materials do you provide for your students?  How do you find these items?  Do your students/staff expect you to supply materials?

I’m very blessed that I have and can use library supplies budget for: 50′ of bulletin board paper to cover as much of the boring white concrete walls as possible, decorations to hang from the ceiling, Treasure Store prizes and incentives, spine stickers for genres, book repair tape and glue, book pockets, date due cards, and miscellaneous things like carrying bags for Nook ereaders.

Can I just say that one really great benefit of eBooks is that there’s NO repair work, or processing, or mylar covering, or date due cards to stamp?  And every eBook I purchase means I spend less on repair supplies and more on books, eBooks, magazines, and other learning resources.  As much as I love paper books (and think there will always be a place for them), there are days that I want to go all digital just for that time savings.

Anyway, moving on….As far as where I find these supplies, I like Demco (formerly Highsmith) and Oriental Trading for reading incentives.  For library management items like book repair tape, I mostly order from Demco, except for clear matte barcode protectors.  For them, I get the “Label-Lock” ones from The Library Store.  They are more expensive, but worth it.  They stick to anything!

Do you have a favorite product without which you can’t run your school library and/or media center?  Recommend it in the comments (no affiliate links, please)!

The blogging challenge is from Cybrarian Jen at Where Books and Technology Meet.  I’m going to try it out, but instead of daily posts, I’m going to try for 1-2 posts a week.  Follow and learn with us!  The participating blogs are listed in the comments of her post.

P.S. – Comment moderation may be sporadic this summer.  I’m not trying to stifle conversation…just busy!

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3 Responses

  1. Karen Kirkner says:

    I have used both of those vendors but I also like Gaylord. Sometimes they are much less expensive!
    Enjoy your blog.

    • Collette J. says:

      Thanks for the tip, Karen! Though I’ve vaguely heard of Gaylord, I’ve never tried them. It looks like they might be a good source for library furniture and supplies.

  1. July 4, 2014

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