Electric Sewing Circulating STEAM Maker Kits


Inspire library patrons and students to make soft circuit projects with these electric sewing maker kits to check out from your school or public library.

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Inspire and empower your ​library patrons or students to learn to sew and make circuits at home with these electric sewing maker kits!

​This product includes 51 pages of materials to create up to three (3) different Electric Sewing Circulating Maker Kits out of binders or mini binders to check out from your library.  It’s a great way to connect home and school learning!

See the Makerspace without a Space: Circulating Maker Kits blog post for more information about using maker kits and to download the FREE MARC records​.

​Product Contents:

  • ​Instructions for putting together each kit, ​with cataloging and processing directions for school teacher-librarians, media specialists, and public librarians,
  • ​MARC records to ​​check out kits with any library circulation software,
  • ​Links to purchase electric sewing circuit components and parts,
  • ​Plus, ​individual kit contents as listed below.
​All 3 Electric Sewing Maker Kits include:
  • ​Front cover with materials included in the kit and a list of materials needed from home
  • ​Help links and resources for students or patrons if (or when) they get stuck
  • Back cover with information for ​users to share project photos
Bookmark Book Light Maker Kit also includes:
  • ​Bookmark design template with images of e-sewing pieces printed at actual size for 3-volt coin cell battery holder and sewable LED lights.
  • ​Basic instructions and resources for students who are new to electric sewing or just learning to sew
Advanced Electric Sewing Maker Kit also includes:
  • ​Design templates for 2 different costume masks, a school backpack or knapsack, and a shirt or top
  • ​Simple instructions for designing a project and creating a circuit for electric sewing
  • ​Actual-size paper patterns of e-sewing pieces including a 3-volt coin cell battery holder, sewable LED lights, and optional LilyTiny / LilyTwinkle microcontrollers
​Project Finishing E-Sewing Maker Kit also includes:
  • ​Instructions and resources for finishing an electric sewing project that students have already designed and started working on during a school project or public library program.
  • ​Students will already have the craft supplies, e-sewing components, and design template from their previous work.
  • ​Actual-size paper patterns of e-sewing pieces to help troubleshoot problems, including a 3-volt coin cell battery holder, sewable LED lights, and optional LilyTiny / LilyTwinkle microcontrollers

​If you aren’t familiar with the maker movement or makerspaces (maker spaces), I recommend the "Makerspace Playbook" by MAKE: magazine to be very helpful.

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For teacher-librarians: You may use this product with all of your classes and students.

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