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  • Cover image of Ladybug Terrarium Research Center by Mrs. J in the Library: a wood background with silver light-up stars and blue and indigo colored pencils is the background for the center sign directions with a blue watercolor polka-dot border, the Ladybug Research Notebook booklet, and icons to indicate that this product is printable and editable. Top text box reads "Research Center" and the bottom text box reads "Ladybug Terrarium PRINTABLE Library Center"

    Ladybugs Observation & Research Library Center

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  • Top banner reading "Primary Graphic Novels Read-aloud Unit" and the cover image of graphic novels booklet on a wood background with silver stars and icons reading "Printable" and "Editable"

    Graphic Novels Read-aloud Unit

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  • “The Candymakers” Digital Novel Study

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  • Green background with red, green, blue, and yellow lollipop graphics in a vertical pattern. Text overlay reads "The Candymakers" by Wendy Mass PRINTABLE Novel Study, copyright Mrs. J in the Library, and a large printer icon is next to the text.

    “The Candymakers” Printable Novel Study

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  • Photo collage of Electric Sewing Circulating Maker kit with the title "Makerspace Starter: Circulating Maker Kits, Electric Sewing & E-textiles" and a caption "Printables for 3 Kits: Bookmark making, Advanced E-sewing, Project finishing

    Electric Sewing Circulating STEAM Maker Kits

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  • Photo of Question of the Week research library center with 2 blue and indigo colored pencils and a string of silver light-up stars with the title "Research Center: Question of the Week PRINTABLE Library Center"

    Question of the Week Research Library Center

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  • A collage of product images on library shelves.

    Nonfiction Whole Number Dewey Signs & Alphabet Letters Library Shelf Signs

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