Graphic Novels Read-aloud Unit


Teach students ​about reading in different formats by reading aloud 5 graphic novels (or comics) to your ​1st, 2nd, or 3rd grade elementary​ classes with this editable & easy-to-prep unit.

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​​This ​read-aloud unit includes a printable​ reading activity booklet and a lesson plan for library classes on a fixed schedule or classroom reading sessions.   All items in the product are editable.

By reading aloud to students, you can demonstrate how to read across panels and what order to read speech bubbles. 

​Product Contents:
  • 4 pages of printable response activities, which are folded into a booklet when printed double-sided on 2 sheets of paper:
  • Editable​ in Microsoft PowerPoint .pptx and Publisher .pub file formats
  • Easy-to-print PDF file format included
  • ​Each half-page of the printable booklet includes a response activity (drawing or short writing) for one of the books.
  • ​The back page of the booklet shows related graphic novels and comic book suggestions to read or check out from the library.
  • ​Supplemental digital websites and resources to use in your lessons and post on your website
  • ​​EDITABLE lesson plan in Microsoft Word .docx file format, ​aligned to: 
  • ​National Common Core Standards, 
  • PA Core Standards, and
  • the 2018 AASL National Library Standards.

​After reading one of the books aloud to the class, students check out new books from the library, and then complete the response activity in the booklet.  

There are 2 versions of the printable booklet: One for librarians or media specialists to use during library classes, and one for classroom teachers to use as a literacy center or as a whole group read-aloud lesson.  

The graphic novels / comics featured are: 

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The book genres represented in this unit are science fiction, fantasy or folktales, mystery, and humor.  Some of the books ​fall into more than one genre.  Also, each book is part of a series that students can continue reading if they are interested.

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