Ladybugs Observation & Research Library Center


Your students can learn firsthand about metamorphosis and the different life cycle stages of insects by observing ladybugs at this research center.

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​Elementary students will discover metamorphosis and the life cycle stages of ladybugs with this research center and a live ladybug terrarium kit.

This is ​the ​PRINTABLE version of the center, designed for use with paper​ Research Notebooks that students hand in for feedback and assessment.

​Product Contents:

Ladybugs Observation and Research Library Center printable sign with learning targets and "I will" statement directions, and standards addressed
  • Editable in Microsoft Word .docx file format
  • ​Easy-to-print PDF file format also included
  • ​Landscape and portrait versions
  • Applicable standards listed from:
  • National Commo​n Core Standards for English Language Arts
  • Pennsylvania Core Standards ​(ELA)
  • Select AASL National School Library Standards (2018)
Printable Observation and Research Notebooks for students to take notes and answer questions
  • Editable in Microsoft ​PowerPoint .pptx and Microsoft Publisher .pub file formats
  • ​The "simple" Research Notebook version is 1 page, printed front-and-back, and it has a simpler bibliography and shorter research section.
  • ​The "complex" Research Notebook version is 2 pages, printed front-and-back, and it requires full citations for the bibliography and a longer, more in-depth research process.
  • ​Either or both Research Notebooks can be used with students in various grades or at different ability levels to differentiate your instruction.
"How to Write a Resource Citation" tutorial/help signs for writing elementary-friendly MLA citations
  • Editable ​​Microsoft Word .docx file format and easy-to-print PDF file format
  • ​Includes citation examples for books/ebooks, databases, and other general websites
BONUS!  Library Centers Routine Sign
Comprehensive, editable lesson plan in Microsoft Word .docx file format, including:
  • Objectives / Learning targets
  • Big ideas and essential questions from the PA Library Model Curriculum
  • National Common Core Standards, Pennsylvania Core Standards, and 2018 AASL National School Library Standards
  • ​Suggested assessment methods
  • Materials needed
  • Detailed procedure (great for substitutes!)
  • Reflection and notes space for improvements to make next time.
  • Bibliography of resources used at the center

Supplies List with links for where to purchase the terrarium and/or ladybug larvae ​(included in the preview)

Teacher Notes with more resources and information to help you set up and use the library center in a new or existing library centers structure.

Resource Requirements: 
You will need access to books, ebooks, and/or online websites about ladybugs for students to complete their research.  I have included ​both print books and online databases in the bibliography section of the Research Notebooks, but ​a collection of reliable websites would also suffice depending on your students’ needs and research skills level.

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