Pets Theme Fiction & Nonfiction Read-aloud Unit


Help students learn beginning research skills by reading aloud fiction & nonfiction pet-themed books to your kindergarten or 1st grade elementary classes with this editable, easy-to-prep unit.

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​​This pets-themed ​read-aloud unit includes a printable​ reading activity booklet, lesson materials, and a lesson plan for library classes on a fixed schedule or classroom reading sessions.   All items in the product are editable.

By reading aloud to students, you can demonstrate different strategies for reading read ​fiction and nonfiction texts.  If you choose to use ebooks for the mini-research project as well, students will get some experience reading in different formats.

​Product Contents:
  • ​6 pages of printable response activities, which are folded into a 12-page booklet when printed double-sided on 3 sheets of paper:
  • Editable​ in Microsoft PowerPoint .pptx and Publisher .pub file formats
  • Easy-to-print PDF file format included
  • ​Each half-page of the printable booklet includes a response activity (drawing or short writing) for one of the books.
  • ​The last few pages are a short research section for students to choose a pet to learn about and label the parts of that pet or animal.
  • ​The back page shows related ​book suggestions about pets to read or check out from the library.
  • EDITABLE lesson plan in Microsoft Word .docx file format, ​aligned to: 
  • ​National Common Core Standards, 
  • PA Core Standards, and
  • the 2018 AASL National Library Standards.
  • ​​Printable QR cards for students to scan and access the ebooks with instructions on how to create QR codes to access the ebook links if your library owns them.
  • The QR cards can be customized in Microsoft PowerPoint according to your needs, and
  • Access to the ebooks listed below is NOT included.  You must purchase them, borrow them, or ask your school's teacher-librarian to get them for you.

​After reading one of the books aloud to the class, students check out new books from the library, and then complete the response activity in the booklet.  During the research classes, students independently read or listen to a pet book and label the parts of their chosen pet.

The research section of the booklet is designed to be used with informational nonfiction ebooks from Capstone Publishing, but you can substitute the print versions or your own informational books or database about cats, dogs, fish, birds, guinea pigs, and hamsters​ without modifying the booklet activities.

There are 2 versions of the printable booklet: One for librarians or media specialists to use during library classes, and one for classroom teachers to use as a literacy center or as a whole group read-aloud lesson.  

The pet-themed books featured are: (affiliate links below)
The suggested nonfiction books or ebooks for research are:

(The links above are Amazon affiliate links.  See the Disclosure Policy for more information.)

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For teacher-librarians: You may use this product with all of your classes and students.

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